January 2012 Meeting Minutes
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Thursday January 19, 2012

Little Walnut Creek Library




Eleanor Langsdorf called the meeting to order at 7:02pm




The November 2011 meeting minutes were distributed and approved.


Brian LaCour gave a financial overview. At the end of 2011, we had $500 less in the general funds. Membership dues paid for insurance, donations helps pay for the newsletter. In 2011, we had a shortfall of $500 in advertising revenue. Membership was 143. Adding 30 members each year would help NACA reach it’s financial obligations. $10,000.00 of the beautification funds is still due to Austin Parks Foundation for matching funds for the Quail Creek Trail and Park renovation. One concern was the cost of insurance. A motion was made and unanimously approved to accept the 2012 budget


The 2012 slate of officers for NACA was presented: Eleanor Langsdorf, President; Ann Teich, Vice President; Brian LaCour, Treasurer; Matt Myers, Secretary. A motion was taken and unanimously approved for these officers.


Eleanor said training for voter registrars would occur on February 4th at the County Courthouse. Contact Ann or Eleanor or more information.


Speaker; Mary Rudig, President, North Austin Coalition of Neighborhoods


NACN is a coalition of neighborhood associations located within the 78758 and 78753 zip code. The website is www.lovenorthaustin.com It now is blog style where anyone can post information. She encouraged us to get people, schools, churches and businesses to post info on this site. This is a more immediate way to notify the community of public meetings. Also take the online survey. In April there will be another City of Austin candidate’s forum. A date will be determined by the end of January. She would like to have a full house.


She gave an update on the Travis County District Attorney’s race between Judge Baird and Judge Lehmberg. In 2006, Rosemary Lehmberg attended an APD commanders forum and discovered that no one was tracking the occurrence of repeat offenders. Rosemary Lehmberg was instrumental is establishing the tracking of repeat offenders.


Speaker; Michael Dial, COA Code Compliance Officer; City Code Compliance Issues in NACA


Michael covers the area north of Payton Gin, Lamar Blvd, Kramer Lane and the railroad tracks west of Metric Blvd. Tony Hipolito covers the code calls south of Payton Gin


The North team is now fully staffed; however, are still on a reactive basis. Call 311 for any code compliance complaint. A reference number will be issued. Call 911, if a crime or a major offense is occurring. Manny stated that a beauty shop can function as a home occupation as long as they have a maximum of three visitations per day. City code is very ambiguous about home businesses and signage. Home car maintenance shops are a larger concern. Car or trucks parking in the front yard will be addressed by APD. Cargo or utility trailers parked in the front are not prohibited. Boat and jet ski trailers are prohibited. Michael’s phone number is 974-3597; email is [email protected]


Manny stated that it is illegal to dump extra trash on items that have accumulated outside of a residence due to an eviction.


Speaker; Officer Frank Wilson, APD District Representative


He stated the Street of the Month program will begin in February. It will allow NACA residents and leadership to nominate a street for attention to paid to for a month.


School zone issues are occurring at the Cook and Wooldridge Elementary. At Cook, he stated people are disregarding street guards. At Wooldridge, rezoning and re-striping will occur.


Motorcycle enforcement will be coordinated.


Since Jan 1, 2012, there are still a significant amount of crimes occurring in NACA. The Impact Offender Program and Stay Away Order involves a criminal trespass order will be given for a certain area.


Northgate, Colony Creek and Rundberg is an area of focus. A company will come down from Dallas to create a database to prevent the illegal occupancy at apartments.


Noise violations are addressed by APD. A resident was concerned by a noise problem at a residence on Parkfield. Residences cannot make noise after 10:30pm. If the noise is in progress, call 911.


A concern was stated about people loitering in the creek behind their residence. Call 911 for those incidents. Putting bars underneath underpasses is installed to prevent transients from camping out.


Officer Wilson is trying to connect residents with resources to empower themselves.


Firework violations are handled by APD and AFD.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:43 pm. 



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