We wanted to let you know that the Charter Committee voted last Thursday to recommend a 10-1 Single Member district plan, along with a citizen’s panel to draw up the maps. (The Charter Committee is a citizens panel that was convened five months ago to look at things that need to clarified, changed or updated on the City of Austin’s Charter. )
The North Austin Coalition of Neighborhoods has been asked many times where we stand on this. We still have the same stance we’ve had since August – we believe that North Austinites deserve to make up their own minds on this debate. Our job is to provide information and encourage choices at the polls.
We have updated our website with links to articles about this debate, and put those links, the link for AGR’s petition, and our August editorial in one handy place:—single-member-district.html
If you have questions, or are unclear about this debate, please take a few minutes to click through the links!
-Mary Rudig
Editor, North Austin Community Newsletter

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