Here is some interesting information that would be good for the citizens to have. It appears that the city council is trying to keep this hush hush and possibly implement it without a lot of public knowledge. Not having individual Officers to address individual community problems would be very harmful to the community. Patrol Officers do not have the time to deal with long term problem and follow up on issues. They often arrive, slap a band aid on the problem and leave. This leaves the community unsure on the resources that are available to them and how to take the next step. Please pass this information along to the member of NACA and encourage them to be active in contacting the City Council. Less Officers and no DR’s is not the answer.

  • Chief Acevedo will be invited to the May 1 Forum. There is virtually no way to know how long he will speak so crafting an agenda will be a challenge. Let’s assume ½ hour for the chief. He will most likely be late and may not be able to show up at all because of last-minute issues that may arise. Plan on putting him on shortly after 7pm but be ready with alternate agenda items if he is late or unable to show. I will make the invitation through his admin this morning. May 1, 7pm, 12429 Scofield Farms Dr.
  • National average is 2.4 officers/ 1,000 population.
  • National average for major cities, those with 500,000-plus population, is 2.7/1,000.
  • Austin currently employees 2.0 officers/1,000.
  • For Austin to meet the national average for a major city, we would need to add 450 officers.
  • Council is discussing going below the current 2.0/1,000
  • If our authorized strength drops below 2.0/1,000, we will no longer be able to continue the DR program as those officers will have to be placed on Patrol.
  • APD overtime budget has been reduced from 11 million to 8 million over the last 5 yrs however Austin ’s population has grown. This has an impact on our ability to conduct initiatives and special projects to address crime issues citywide.

Officer Frank Wilson #5382
Austin Police Department
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