A couple things, I have been asked to attend this NACN/Sustainable¬†Neighborhoods¬†meeting tonight so that were all on the same page. North Burnet area is experiencing the same problems with regard to lack of a “Center” designation for the area on the concept growth map. They are going to discuss this with some folks from the City and what it means for likelihood of bond money being allocated for improvements to these corridors.

Eleanor, I wrote up this resolution just concerning North Lamar improvements as you requested . There is no pride of authorship here so please edit as you see fit. I’m not sure if you’d like to put this to a whole neighborhood vote, but I put today’s date at the top just in case.


Online public comment is open for bond development process too. (for web and maybe announcement tonight)


Newsletter follows
North Austin Coalition of Neighborhoods
Jan 16th, 2012
What: Community Meeting to discuss the Lamar and Burnet Transportation Studies
Why: Because the City has a bad track record of burying these studies. We want the study to be taken seriously, we want the City to actually read the recommendations, and we want bond money to support the needed improvements. These roads are the hearts of our communities – we need to come together and insist these roads work for our community – now and in the future.
Where:The meeting is 6:30 to 8:30 PM at the Village Christian Apartments Activity Room, 7925 Rockwood Ln just north of Anderson. Directions here at
Something to Think About: The City’s inability to see past downtown’s needs has already created an Austin where gridlock, long commutes, and wasted gas are accepted as part of our daily lives. Now the City has been handed five studies of critical roads systems and recommendations on how to logistically think about the future.
The North Lamar/Burnet study shows there are numerous and serious problems with the transporation corridors at the north end of the City:
* North Austin/North Central Austin is Austin’s biggest, most diverse community, and includes Austin’s 2nd and 4th biggest zipcodes.
*North and North Central Austin is the area where several major transportation corridors run together, including 3 highways. It has several Metro Rails, and two of the busiest Capital Metro lines.
*North and North Central Austin is also an area that includes several of Austin’s rare and precious West/East corridors.
Can you do the math? We believe the the City’s myopic vision for ‘solving’ Austin’s transportations issues has ceased to just be our community’s problem. North Austin/North Central Austin holds the potential for much needed tax revenue and growth – but our City leaders apparently never learned math in school. Currently 60% of the City’s revenue comes from downtown – and the City consistantly struggles to meet budget each year and has to constantly juggle budget cuts across multiple departments.
Spending 100% of your budget for a 60% return makes no sense – and its costing the rest of us a better future.
Please come and if you can, please bring a neighbor!
-Mary Rudig
Editor, North Austin Community Newsletter

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