Do you know of a cool garden on your street? Do you have a neighbor who has a pretty garden that people would enjoy? Have you spent hours dealing with heat, clay, and limestone to create a backyard oasis?  Please drop us a line and let us know about it!

Next June, the North Austin Coalition of Neighborhoods and the North Austin Community School Alliance will be having our first ever North by North Central Garden Tour for North Austin in June 2013. All the proceeds for this event will used by the School Alliance for beautification projects for our schools in October 2013.We have several goals:
1. To show our support of the awesome things our schools are doing, by giving our schools much needed love and TLC.
2. To create a fun way for those in our our community to connect with and engage with students and teachers.
3. To create pride and ownership among our students.
If you know of a garden we can use for the tour, please send the information to
[email protected]
or go to and click on the garden tour. There is a contact form you can fill out online!

Thank you for helping us get the word out – we appreciate it!
-Mary R
GWNA Coach

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