There were four issues presented at this month’s Austin Neighborhoods Council meeting.  We can share the information with NACA members at the next meeting (and more briefly if needed), but we’d like to pass on the summary now in case you want to post it to the NACA webpage or facebook.

  • The City Auditor explained      the 10-1.  Something new we learned:  Applicants will be posted      in real-time (daily/weekly? not sure yet) on their website.

Affordable Housing

  • The Community Development      Commission showed research regarding the long history of      restricted covenants and zoning laws that segregated the city by race and      economic status.  The CD Commission is researching ways to spread out      affordable housing throughout the City (whereas it has been concentrated      in particular areas); maintain and improve existing affordable housing;      and protect Austin’s historically minority communities, like East Austin,      from displacement by gentrification. The Commission urges discussion among      City Council and the public on the issue.

Land Development Code

  • The Assistant Director of the      Planning and Development Review Dept. gave an overview of Austin’s      three year Imagine Austin project to rewrite its land      development code.  ANC members are concerned that neighborhood and      environmental organizations will not be represented by the recommendations      made by consultant services.  ANC members want to ask the City for      more representation during this process. A draft resolution is attached.

Using City Parks as Parking for Businesses

  • ANC members are against      a proposed ordinance currently before the City Council to allow the use of      public parkland by adjacent businesses to meet their parking      requirements.  ANC members proposed drafting a resolution in      opposition of this ordinance. Visit this link to hear about the issue from      a concerned citizen’s point of view: Petition

Melinda & Domenic Schiera

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