Sustainable Neighborhoods of North Central Austin will hold a public meeting on Thursday, May 29, 7 to 8:30 PM at the Yarborough public library, to discuss how to use creeks to provide trails and green spaces in North Central Austin’s transit-oriented growth zones.
We’ll be studying the Anderson Ln area and the Burnet – North Loop areas in particular. We can look at other examples as well. City of Austin staff will be on hand – they intend to use the case studies as they consider possible changes to the creeks ordinance.
City of Austin amended the creeks ordinance last year to provide set-backs for smaller creeks, which can enable trails, natural areas, and better drainage. Unfortunately, urban areas like ours were mostly exempted from the changes. We’re hoping that with help from staff, we can find ways to achieve creek improvements in our area of town too, since this is a goal of Imagine Austin.

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