Monday Apr 22 7pm – please hold this date and time for a meeting with Greg Casar on violent crime rates in our area.

His office is arranging the location. We’re still waiting on them, but we do know it will be somewhere North Lamar/Rundberg-ish. The folks from west of North Lamar are included, too. Feel free to let folks in this area know, so they can save the date. We’ll blast out the location as soon as we have it.

The violent crime rate points are:

– continuing high (relative to rest of the city) rate of serious violent crime in our area

– high portion of that serious violent crime which is domestic

– APD should have the role of regular data analysis and reporting to high serious violent crime rate areas

– not policing as a solution

– 2019-20 Safety budget for social service solution/improvement directed to high serious violent crime rate areas

The other persistent crime issue where we’re just off the charts compared to the rest of the city is prostitution around Powell/Georgian. We need to decide if we want to cover that in this meeting, too.

Here’s links to the video and backup for APD’s presentation to the Public Safety Commission March 4 (“#4 2018 Crime report stats from APD”).


They will have D4 community hours at St John library on Wed Apr 24, 3-7pm and at Little Walnut Creek library on Wed May 8, 3-7pm. You can drop by to meet some of their staff, ask any questions about the office, etc. They’ve also got a new website, for complaints or compliments about police.


The new Cmdr for our area is Lee Rogers. He just got promoted. The only thing I’ve been able to find out about him is he’s on the APD competition marksmanship team. We need to set up our usual introduction conversation. Let Colin or I know if you want to be included in scheduling for that. I don’t know yet if he wants during business hours at his office, or to come over here in the evening, but we’ll make it work for as many people as we can. Or if you have topics to be included. It’s an intro meeting, so trying to set the tone for the relationship, not solve all the issues. But if there’s something we could put in front of him for an easy win right out of the gate, let’s go for it.


Officer Anna Jackson is still our APD District Representative, by herself for now. Officer Kianes promoted to Detective and is working in Sex Crimes, so hopefully none of us are talking to him any time soon. We’ll get an additional DR as all the rest of the APD promotions and transfers fall into place.

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