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Thursday, 20 January 2022

Virtual Meeting via Zoom


Matt Myers called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM.

The following statement of Land Rights was read by President Matt Myers:

“Our Civic Association would like to acknowledge that the land boundaries of NACA are original territory of a number of Indigenous peoples–– specifically the Numunuu also known as Comanche Nation and the Tonkawa Tribe. We honor and thank the Indigenous peoples connected to this territory where we live and gather. NACA will work towards decolonizing our practices, and make our Civic Association an inclusive space for all.”


NACA formerly was a member of the Austin Neighborhood Council, sending a representative to attend their meetings. Matt Myers  ([email protected]) is wanting to know if anyone wants to volunteer to be our representative there. 

NACA is currently paying for multiple domain sites (,,, and ) to prevent confusion or mischief whereby someone could direct people AWAY from NACA. It is costing about $100/year to do that. Membership present unanimously voted to continue.

On January 25th is the Special Election for the District 4 City Council. If you haven’t early voted, please do so. 

The NACA Contact Team is looking for representatives and leaders. This is a group that the city is required to consult when there are zoning changes and other issues in the NACA area. Contact Randy Teich, Melinda Schiera, or Caro Dubois if interested, or e-mail [email protected], which will reach all current members of the NACA contact team.

T-shirts are still available from Davi Brown. She has larges and extra-larges available.

An informal discussion reached consensus that walking membership drives should only take place when/if Austin is in “Stage 2” of pandemic precautions. That may not be sufficient for in-person membership meetings.

The Settlement Home’s construction plans (corner of Payton Gin and Hunter’s Trace as well as to build a bridge to connect to the portion of the property facing Colony Creek) have been delayed due to challenges brought by the pandemic and unexpected repairs required by the winter storm. 

Approval of November 2021 Minutes

The November meeting minutes were approved with the addition of “in conjunction with the Navarro Ag department” to the Announcements section.

Election of NACA Officers for 2022

Nominations are:

  • Matt Myers, President
  • Jess Rodriguez Robertson, Vice President
  • Brian LaCour, Treasurer
  • John Green, Secretary

The slate of officers was unanimously selected.

2021 and 2022 Budget Review

Brian La Cour reported that while membership dropped during the pandemic years, the association’s finances are healthy. 2021 began with a surplus of $2,855.62. There were 106 members in 2021, which is about 30 down from 2020, and 2020 was 30 down from 2019. Although 2021income was only $3,035.44 instead of the budgeted $4,000. Because we intend to do a membership drive, the budget proposes that we would expect $4,000 instead.

Because 2021 expenses were very low, with minimal expenses for the newsletter and the membership drive, we ended 2021 with $4,284.37.

The proposed budget for 2022 would balance, and may add slightly to the surplus.

John Green asked if a targeted mailing (new homeowners, etc.) might be more effective. Brian LaCour proposed taking the discussion offline.

The proposed 2022 budget was unanimously approved.

NACA also has a Beautification Fund started with Republic Services years ago. While that relationship is over, there is a significant amount remaining. The fund is invested, and whenever the balance is over $10,000 due to gains, the excess is moved into a liquid account that can be spent on beautification efforts at any time. Currently this liquid account contains $3,942.46, and members can recommend projects to be used with that.

Little Walnut Creek Flood Mitigation Update

Matt Hart, Austin Public Works;

Minda Sarmiento Project Manager (512-974-5645 [email protected]);

David Kankel, Project Inspector (929-400-5925 [email protected])

For further details beyond those here, consult this website:

Construction began last summer, and we are trying to provide updates to the community. The goal is to reduce flooding in homes and streets along Mearns Meadow and nearby. This will improve water quality in the creek and include improvements to Walnut Creek Park by installing trees and ADA-compliant sidewalks.

A new wastewater main has been installed along Mearns Meadow from Rultland to Quail Boulevard. Waterline crossings are being installed at Quail Valley and Mountain Quail. Soil excavation in the detention pond at Quail Creek Park continues to allow installation for the stormwater inlet.

Neighborhood impacts include:

  • 8-hr water shut-outs between 9 am and 6 pm, but with 48 hours warning.
  • Road closures and detours on Mearns Meadow during the work week, with no-parking signs set up. There will be moments when driveway access will be unavailable for periods of time, and cars will need to be parked outside of the construction area.
  • Cap Metro and AISD and Austin Resource Recovery are given advance notice to plan access.

The project was first proposed in 1999. Currently, there are no significant risks that should impact the schedule, despite the issues of the pandemic with employees and materials.

The old water meter boxes are being replaced with the new black plastic ones, but they haven’t been connected yet. 

Construction is being monitored to make sure sediment isn’t running into the creek.

The current plan is to plant trees in the park in the Spring of 2022, but that could be subject to change. The tree-planting plans were negotiated with Parks and Recreation to account for trees that were removed as part of the flood mitigation. Full completion of the entire project is Spring/Summer of 2024.

If the contractor is leaving equipment in places that are blocking sidewalks, or are outside of the designated construction areas, contact David Kankel.

Next Meeting

We’ll meet again, likely remotely, on February 17, 2022 at 7:00 pm.


Meeting adjourned at 8:03 pm by President Matt Myers.Jan 2022 NACA Meeting Minutes

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