Thursday January 15, 2009 Little Walnut Creek Library 835 W. Rundberg Lane
The meeting was called to order by Eleanor Langsdorf at 7:03pm
The November meeting minutes were distributed and reviewed. A motion was made and seconded to approve the November minutes.
Brian LaCour gave a summary of the actual 2008 expenditures and revenue and discussed the 2009 budget. At the end of 2008, total income grew to $15,851.50 with a significant portion of that ($11,981.11) from the BFI/Allied Waste host fee that is used exclusively for beautification projects in NACA. The total expenses for 2008 were $12,734.32. Brian stated the now that NACA is totally responsible for paying for the newsletter during 2008. He stated that due to an increase in donations for 2008 ($2,772.93) covered the shortfall for the newsletter.
The 2009 projected budget will bring in $14,500.00 and spend $16,769.00 (due to an increase in beautification spending) resulting net cash flow deficit of $2,269.00 for 2009. This will result in an ending balance of $13,582.50. A motion was made and seconded to approve the 2009 budget. The vote was unanimous with no objections.
Susie Milam announced the nominees for the NACA Board of Directors for 2009: Eleanor Langsdorf for President; Joshua Tallent for Vice President; Brian LaCour for Treasury; Matt Myers for Secretary. There were no nominations from the floor. A motion to accept the slate of nominees was made and seconded with no objections.
Alice Traugott, the Executive Director of Faith in Action Caregivers provided information on the free support services offered to persons over 60 that are living independently in the community. Transportation is the main service. Two free rides are available a week. Home repair, yard work, assurance calls are also available. Volunteers will provide rides and stay with the person until they are ready to return home. Liability insurance is provided for all driver volunteers.
Barry Woltag discussed the grant proposal for renovating Quail Creek Park. Austin Parks Foundation raises money for park improvements for grants. Barry would like to see a jogging or walking trail along the west and south perimeter of the park. Barry was told that this project could cost up to $20,000. For this grant, matching funds and volunteer interest and help will be needed. The deadline for this application is February 13th. Requests for help with writing the grant were made. A resident suggested requesting volunteer help from Wooldridge Elementary and Lanier High School. A motion was made to give Barry a letter of support from NACA for this project. This was seconded and unanimously approved.
Ann Teich discussed the NACA Sojourner Project which allows transients to earn $5 HEB gift cards by picking up trash in the NACA area on designated days. One bag of trash results in a $5 gift card. On January 4th, the first clean up occurred. Three people volunteered for two hours to pick up trash along Rundberg. Each picked up four trash bags. The General Manager from HEB donated $100 in free gift cards. The first Sunday of every month will be designated for trash pick ups. She has requested $100 per month from NACA for gift cards. It was recommended that restrictions be placed on what could be purchased with the HEB gift cards. Ann also requested volunteer help with trucking the bags of trash from the curb to the trash dumpster located at the library. Brian LaCour made a motion to fund gift cards for three months with the restriction of what
could be purchased at HEB. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved. Ann can be contacted via email at [email protected]
Susie mentioned that NACA will be helping with the Feb 1st NACA Sojourner cleanup from 3 to 5pm and requested volunteer help; however, no gift cards will be available to NACA volunteers.
Brian Almon gave a brief presentation on the two options for rezoning the property. Currently the property on 9117 Northgate is zoned Residential. The NACA Neighborhood Planning Committee will meet on Wednesday January 21st at 9502 Stonebridge. A vote will be taken on which of the two options to endorse. The first option is to rezone the property at 9117 Northgate from Residential to Commercial in order to construct a convenience store. The new property owners of 9117 Northgate will agree to close the existing Sunrise Mini Mart of which they own located at 1762 Colony Creek to be redeveloped to become a City of Austin Police substation and a Laundromat with an on-site attendant. The second option is to rezone the 9117 Northgate property to allow a coin Laundromat with on site attendant.
Officer Lee Davis, the North Central APD District Rep, mentioned that the University of Texas Project 2009 is a two day project, on February 14th and 15th which will target our area for cleanup and beautification. Officer Davis requested immediate input on any areas in the neighborhood that need attention. Officer Davis can be reached via cell phone at 773-2269.
Brian Woltag mentioned drug activity occurring in the parking lot behind the HEB. Officer Davis emphasized not to hesitate to call 911 if you see suspicious activity occurring.
Lee Bastow was introduced as the new North Central APD Commander.
Michael Abramov discussed the survey from the COA Housing and Community Development survey to address the public needs of the residents for the next five years. Public hearings will be arranged.
Caro DuBois has started a garden club which has already done a Heron Hollow project. Sat Jan 31st at 10am at the Little Walnut Creek Library. Don Freeman will discuss gardening basics.
A resident discussed going to a Gateway planning contact group meeting. They did not allow any residential or renter votes in the meeting. The next meeting is Feb 21st at ACC on Stonebridge. Contact Eleanor for more information.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.

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