Thursday February 17, 2011
Little Walnut Creek Library
Eleanor Langsdorf called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.

Brian LaCour stated that NACA has $13,652.63 in funds designated for beautification and
$2,326.70 in general operating funds. NACA membership is currently 57. $5,000.00 of the beautification funds is earmarked for matching funds for the Quail Creek Park Trail renovation. NACA has received the $5000.00 donated by the YMCA for the Quail Creek renovation.
Ann Teich spoke about emergency preparedness measures. She distributed a toolkit that helps rate natural, technological hazards where you live. It helps identify evacuation routes and escape routes from your house. You should know how to turn off the natural gas and water at your home. If you turn the gas off, only a professional can turn the gas back on. You should know your child’s school emergency plans. Important documents should be kept in a fire proof container. Steps to equip and maintain a disaster supplies kit were discussed.
UT Project 2000 tasks on February 26th involve Quail Creek Park cleanup, mulching, street cleanup along Rutland, Rundberg and Mearns Meadow. They will also clean up and beautify Lanier High School.
On March 5th, It’s My Park Day events will be held across the city. Brian will be a Heron Hollow doing some mulching and other maintenance.
There will be a public website for YMCA/COA Recreation Center updates. Design Committee member Brian Almon thought things were progressing at a good pace.
Please take a survey on the NACA, NACN or Gracy Woods website to help identify three major issues to be presented the three City of Austin Council members that will be up for re-election.
Eleanor asked for a new NACA representative for the North Austin Council of Neighborhoods to replace Peggy Mays.
Speaker: Terry Green, Texas Gas Service Conservation and Rebate Program

Texas Gas Service offers many rebates for the installation of energy efficient natural gas heating systems at residences. Natural gas is at the top of the fossil fuel category. There are few emissions with natural gas. Methane gas at landfills is another form of renewable energy.
Texas Gas Service matches Austin Energy’s rebate on attic insulation and ductwork. High Efficiency Gas water heater rebates of $40 are available.
Thermal solar and water heater rebates are available up to $300 for new and existing homes. New Natural gas furnaces quality for a $75 rebate.
For more information on residential and commercial rebates go to
Natural gas dryers with moisture sensors qualify for a $75 rebate.
Chris with Austin Energy can be reached at 512-482-5331 or email [email protected]
Austin Energy offers rebates under the Home Performance and Energy Star program. Under this umbrella include; refrigeration recycling, air duct and insulation repair; sealing the duct system in the attic (along the plenum or along the line), pool pumps rebates,
Retrofit weatherization improvements include: sealing plugs in the walls, outlets, windows and plumbing. Programmable thermostats used in combo with CFL bulbs, would be considered a test to see how much money you can save. Chris offered to provide bulbs to residents that are homebound. Conveniently dispose of CFL at Home Depot.
Solar panel rebates are available.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:26 pm..

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