Tomorrow, Saturday, May 14th is the election day for Austin City Council.  The ballot is very simple. There are only three races on the ballot and no other decisions to make.   It is important for the NACA neighborhood to show City Hall that it votes.

Additional voting and candidate information

Here is the sample ballot:
Place 1, Austin City Council
__ Josiah James Ingalls
__ Chris Riley
__ Roger Chan
__ Norman Jacobson
Place 3, Austin City Council
__ Kathie Tovo
__ Michael “Max” Nofziger
__ Kris Bailey
__ Randi Shade
Place 4, Austin City Council
__ Laura Morrison
__ Eric J. Rangel
__ K. Toby Ryan Hill
Check your voter registration card for your precinct.
Precinct 160:           YMCA North Park Branch
Precinct 161:           Lanier High School
Precinct 163:           Cook Elementary School


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