North Park YMCA is offering a free class for family caregivers called Powerful Tools for Caregivers.
The first class is on Tuesday, November 1 from 10:00 to 11:30, and will continue on Tuesdays at this time through
December 6. Free respite care is provided.
Powerful Tools for Caregivers is a 6-week educational series designed to help
unpaid family caregivers take care of themselves while caring for a relative or
friend. The class is free and free respite care is available. Caregivers develop a
wealth of self-care tools to reduce personal stress, communicate their needs
effectively in challenging situations, deal with difficult emotions, and make
tough care giving decisions. You will benefit from this class whether you are
helping a parent, spouse, friend, someone who lives at home, in a
nursing home, or across the country.
Class size is limited, and registration is required. To register call Laurie at 799-3426,
Or e mail at [email protected].
For further information about this and other resources for caregivers contact Faith Unger at Austin Groups for the Elderly,
451-4611, extension 244 or [email protected].

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