The Senate Committee on State Affairs will hear public testimony on SB 4 TOMORROW, February 02, 2017, 8:30am located in the Senate Chamber, Texas Capitol.  See committee notice for more details.
North Austin Civic Association (NACA) OPPOSES SB 4, a bill that threatens the trust and cooperation between communities and law enforcement.  Last month, NACA members approved a  letter urging legislators to oppose this bill.  The letter was sent to our district representatives.
We urge all NACA members to attend hearing tomorrow and put in a card OPPOSING SB 4!!
If can’t make it to tomorrow’s hearing, please call the committee members and let them know you OPPOSE SB 4
Clerk: Addison Reagan – (512) 463-0380
Joan Huffman, Chair (512) 463-0117
Bryan Hughes, Vice-Chair – (512) 463-0101
Craig Estes – (512) 463-0130
Brian Birdwell – (512) 463-0122
Brandon Creighton – (512) 463-0104
Jane Nelson – (512) 463-0112
Charles Schwertner – (512) 463-0105
Judith Zaffirini – (512) 463-0121

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