At the NACA meeting last week, Laura DeGrush, AISD Community Engagement Coordinator shared information about the Lanier High School renaming process.  The process has been extended briefly.  Please see helpful resources and ways you can have your voice heard.

Ways to give input:

-Lanier Survey:

-District Survey

Email to Trustees: or or email [email protected]

Public comment at Board Meeting:


Information to date on the Renaming Process:

Information on inequity in Austin

Minutes from Lanier Campus Advisory Council (CAC) meetings: 9/10 minutes; 9/17 minutes; and 9/19 minutes

Recommended books: “As We Saw It,” about UT and desegregation. “Oh, Do I Remember!” about desegregation in Austin ISD


Laura DeGrush
Community Engagement Coordinator
Community Engagement & External Communication
Austin Independent School District
1111 West 6th Street, Suite A230
Austin, TX 78703
O: 512-414-9462
C: 518-542-9271
[email protected] 
Feel free to also reach out to our Lanier CAC community representative contact, Mark Grayson at [email protected]

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